66Gift of Music Partner Tools: Communications & Marketing Materials

Gift of Music partner,

Thank you for your willingness to help us promote an incredibly important initiative. We are confident that with the help of our community, we’ll be able to get instruments into the hands of hundreds of children throughout central Ohio. We know that giving these students access to music and music equipment encourages intellectual and emotional development, especially during this time of uncertainty. Thank you for helping us make a life-changing impact for these children.

Below are various assets and scripts depending on the type of communications you’re able to amplify to your various audiences.

Logos & Images: Coming soon

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Website URL: http://www.giftofmusic.info


Hashtag – #GiftofMusic

IG – @music_columbus

FB — @musiccolumbus614



Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A:  Yes. You will receive an email receipt of your contribution, which you can use to complete 2023 tax filing to the IRS for a tax deduction.

Q: Who will be the recipients of the donated instruments?

A: Columbus area schools, after school programs, and other affiliate non-profits.

Q: I don’t have any spare instruments; how can I help?

A: You can make a monetary donation by going to the GoFundMe page!

Q: Will you accept instruments in need of repair?

A: Instruments that require simple repairs like broken guitar strings, broken drumheads, and horns in need of new pads are fine. We also need amplifiers, reeds, saxophone and guitar straps.


Social Media Verbiage:

We’re joining forces with Music Columbus (@musiccolumbus614 or @music_columbus) by participating in the 5th annual #GiftofMusic student instrument drive, which spans August 26th to September 3rd. This drive will place musical instruments and accessories into the hands of local students! So grab that instrument that’s been collecting dust in your garage or attic and give the gift of music. For info on locations and collection hours go to:  www.giftofmusic.info

Internal Communications (e.g., email, meetings) & Written External Communications (e.g., blog, website, newsletter, e-blast):

This summer we are partnering with the Columbus Music Commission to help promote the 5th annual Gift of Music student instrument drive and encourage everyone we know to come together and support this movement!

The Gift of Music is a Music Columbus initiative that collects gently used musical instruments and accessories for local City and Charter school students. The campaign ensures students’ access to music education and early childhood development. No instrument? No problem! You can make a donation to help purchase new ones . Just visit www.giftofmusic.info (or here: Gift of Music Go Fund Me

The collection dates span from August 26th to September 3rd. Donations can be made by visiting one of the drop-off locations around central Ohio, which can be found HERE (www.giftofmusic.info) !


We (company name) are hosting our own student instrument drive on [day, date] at [time and location]. We’ll be working to place instruments in the hands of school students throughout the region. So take that instrument that’s been collecting dust in your garage and put it to better use. Visit www.giftofmusic.info for details on hours and drop-off locations All donations are tax deductible.

If you don’t have an instrument to donate, no problem. You can make a contribution towards the purchase of new ones, by visiting the Gift Of Music Go Fund Me.  For more information about the Gift of Music campaign, visit the website at: www.giftofmusic.info 


On-Air Promo Script (:30)/Copy Points to cover:

When: August 26th through September 3rd

Where: At our convenient drop-off locations… all info at www.giftofmusic.info 

“If you have a musical instrument that’s just been sitting in your garage or attic collecting dust, now’s the time you can put it to better use and place it in the hands of a deserving youngster! Music Columbus’s Gift of Music student instrument drive is back and the need for instruments in schools is now greater than ever.

Your donated instrument will ensure access to music education, development of skills, and improve the lives of so many youngsters. 

The Gift of Music music instrument drive spans from August 26th to September 3rd

For hours and drop-off locations visit http://www.giftofmusic.info 

ALL Donations are tax-deductible

For more information about the Columbus Music Commission, visit musiccolumbus.com or contact us at info@musiccolumbus.com

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